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Set this aquarium up in June as my second soil tank. Only got fish two weeks ago.

-2x54W T5-HO 10,000K Fishneedit fixture
-Aquaclear70 HOB
-MiracleGro Organic Choice Potting Mix
-Quikrete All-Purpose Sand
-8.5/hr/d photoperiod
-Daily Excel dosing (only recently started doing this since plant health declined with lack of fish, things are starting to get back on track)
-Two times weekly Flourish dosing. Also recently started doing this as I noticed a decline in plant health, as stated above. Seems to be helping things
-No CO2 injection

4 Black Neons---Originally had 6, but two have died. Going to pick up another 7 in a week or so

Echinodorus amazonicus
Cabomba caroliniana
Sagittaria subulata

I took this photo only twenty minutes ago, after a major weekly PWC. Thanks for looking!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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