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I'm setting up a 55 gallon planted tank. This will be my first planted tank, though I do have a lot of non-planted aquarium experience (Cichlids, Community Tanks, Saltwater Reef and FOWLR) and have done a ton of research. So far I have just about everything I need to get started except plants (and fish obviously). I don't plan on running CO2 (at least not at this point). The problem I'm running into is visualizing this build, no matter how much I play around in paint I can't get what I want to look good on paper despite kinda knowing what I want in my head. I know that 55 gallons can be a pain to aquascape, but I had one available and it fits in my living room well so that's what I'm working with. I'm planning on running a dirted tank and so far I have the following:

55G Tank and stand
Eheim 2217 canister filter
Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Lights (I may upgrade these to the Fluval Planted 3.0 in the future as I've had the Current setup for a couple years)
Organic Potting Mix (Nature's Care by Miracle Grow)
Black Diamond Blasting Media (to cap the dirt with)
Eheim Jager Heater
Hydor Koralia 240Gph Circ Pump
a couple pieces of driftwood for hardscape
various other odds and ends (digital thermometer, planting tools, algae scraper, etc.)
various chemicals and ferts (Seachem Prime, Flourish and Flourish Excel, API test kit, fish food, freeshwater aquarium salt etc.)

My plant list right now is the following:

Anubias Barteri var. Coffeefolia
Echinodorus Red Flame
Cryptocoryne Parva
Cryptocoryne Becketti "Petchii"
Java Fern
Java Fern "Windelov"
Pogostemon Helferi

I've included a picture of the driftwood and how I plan on having it in the tank and also a picture of the kind of look I'm going for (I'm not into the dense jungle look). Could someone help me fit these plants into this space? So far I had planned on having the Anacharis in the back corners, the two Java Ferns kind of cornering them in there, with the anubias around those. Then placing the Echinodorus in the middle in the back with the Crypt Parva in front of it. The petchi to fill in some space on the right side with the Pogostemon dotted around the front leaving plenty of swimming room for fish (Neon Tetras, Bosemani Rainbows, Cherry Barbs, Panda Corys, and maybe a few Otos or Cherry or Ghost Shrimp). Not knowing exactly how big the plants will get is probably whats making this hard for me to visualize. Thanks for the help, and I'm open to any ideas!


Kinda the look I'm going for (doesn't have to be so bare up front):
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