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55 watt bulb in 96 watt AH Supply fixture?

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I am the owner of two tanks, both lit by AH Supply lighting.
One has a 1 x 96 watt; the other has a 4 x 55 watt kit.

The problem is with the 96 watt fixture. The bulb failed to light today, so I attempted to replace it. The bulb was practically fused to the endcap. In fact I couldn't get it out. I figured since I had an extra endcap, I'd just use that instead. So, I wired the endcap and was about to insert the bulb when I realized that the pin configuration is wrong. The endcap is from a 55 watt kit. So I'll be ordering a new endcap to fit the 96 watt bulb. But right now, I have no means of lighting this tank.

My question: in the interim, can I use a 55 watt bulb in the fixture, keeping in mind that the ballast is suited to a 96 watt bulb? Or does it make any difference?

Of course one of the reasons why I deal with this company is their customer service. I have Emailed them with the question but am afraid that I may not get an answer for a few days with the upcoming holidays.

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The ballast for a 55 watt is not the same as for a 96 watt bulb. I'm not certain, but I believe a 55 watt bulb would be over driven by quite a bit in a 96 watt fixture.
I'm not certain
Is this a first for the lighting forum? :red_mouth
I appreciate the reply!
Is this a first for the lighting forum? :red_mouth
I appreciate the reply!
Nope! It is more nearly the norm. :icon_mrgr But, I'm learning more every week.
But, I'm learning more every week.
OK, grasshopper... once you get to 10,000 posts, folks will start taking you seriously.:hihi:

I received a very thorough response from AH Supply today. The ballast can indeed be used to power a 55 watt bulb. However, the wiring configuration needs to be changed. Of course, the response I received had a very detailed method as to how should be done.

Really, the main issue with doing this is figuring out how to suspend the shorter bulb in the fixture. I am doing so with a loop of wire.

It's quite remarkable at how well lit the tank is using the 55 watt 2 foot bulb.

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