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55 plant options

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hi i recently upgraded my 10 gallon shelldewller tank to a 55

so heres what i have
nova extreme 108w HO t5=54wx2
fluval 405
250w heater
25+multi shell dwelllers and 6 black clavus
200+ shells

my question is what plants can i grow underthis light with playsand
i will be getting co2 after chirstmas break and am looking for all types of plants
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Are you going to wait till after Christmas to set the tank up? Because if you run that light without the co2 you will get algae
no it is setp up now and i am gettin a little LG but not alot and i am claning every bit of the tank if there is lg on it

what plants do u think i could go with
With that much light there are no aquatic plants you can't grow, providing you work very hard at getting the maximum amount of CO2 into the water without killing your fish. And, you will need to dose a complete package of fertilizers in non-limiting amounts - see the fertilizing forum sticky. Even with that you will very likely spend more time killing algae than growing plants.

However, you could suspend that light about 4-6 inches above the top of the tank, and then have the light intensity low enough to avoid a lot of the algae problems.
well could i grow some like hairgrass or something like that
could i use the new fluval system for co2 and some 2 liters
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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