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55 gallon

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55 gallon coming up on week 3. Cycled with soiled media.
18 cherry barbs
4 otocinclus affinis
1 chaetasoma cf. thomasi

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I'm still waiting to see a full tank shot on one of the sites.
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I'm still waiting to see a full tank shot on one of the sites.
oops, sorry about that.

Tank shots aren't the area at which i excel.
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is that a piece of apple your otos are feasting on? I was wondering what i could feed those things after all the brown diatoms is exhausted in my 20g since they totally ignore the algae pellets.
LOL, guilty as charged. Plastic plants are what you see. Fortunately its a temporary situation. I lost all but some very small daughter plants from an ice storm in December, you can see the survivors on the left hand side of the tank. I am slowly trying to restock the plants that i lost. The plastic plants are just to keep the fish feeling secure until the live plants start taking off again.

yes that is an apple. I just cut off a slice and stick it in until its gone, the one in there now is going on about 4 or 5 days, i found that it doesn't decay as fast other veggies and fruit. Keeps the otos fat and happy. I also noticed that they didn't bother with the algae tabs.
Just buy a bunch of fast-growing stem plants, it should fill up in no time!

Looking forward to the growth of your tank!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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