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55 Gallon Viviarium Journal

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Well since i started working on my viviarium today i decided to start a journal. All i did so far was start to cover the back and 1 side in GS. I'm not done with the GS yet though , I still have figure out how to create the waterfall and get more materials. Here is the tank From Right To left.

It will have a false bottom . The waterfall will run into a stream then into a pond. I will be putting a pump under the false bottom for the water features. for lighting i will use a HD 48 inch 2x40 watt fixture. As for the substrate i'm not sure yet. The GS will be covered with Bark and coco fiber.I'm not Sure what frogs will be going in there yet.
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A few tips coming from mistakes that I made while building my viv:
Make the water reservoir easily accessible. I boxed mine in too much and now I have to tear up the lower section to access the pump.
Also, consider heating before you finish putting in all the great stuff. Really wish I had considered this more. Now I rely on the lights to maintain warmth during the cold spells.

Happy building,

Thanks for the tips i will make the pump very easy to get to. Also i'm considering using heater cable in the substrate to keep it warm. i'm not sure how i will keep the water warm though have any ideas ? Also i was thinking of making the background look like a rock wall instead of the usual coco fiber backgrounds ,how can i do this ?
Well i found a place to buy crushed rock from :) i just don't know if anyone has purchased anything from them before. Our Rock Shop features Rock Tumblers, Spheres, Minerals, Bookends, and Gemstone Beads
So, when you talk about having a rock wall as the background, do you mean something like this?

I did this in my 10g newt vivarium by first procuring and washing pieces of black slate (I went to the back of a Home depot and got broken pieces for free,) then I fitted them together so they roughly covered the back, then sprayed on a thin layer of gs, and pressed the stones into it. The gs foamed up around them, and I just covered that with silicone and milled peat moss.

Does this help at all?
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thats a really nice viv but i want mines to have a more rocky texture to it. Also someone said that the crushed rock wouldn't look too natural since the rocks are so small. I might consider using sand for now .
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