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55 Gallon Tall Stocking

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I cleaned out my 55 gallon and I can't seem to pick a stock list. I was thinking about Congo tetras but I also like the idea of angels, but hear they can be hard to handle.I think I'm over any Plecos, so shrimp started to sound appealing. What fish do better in tall aquariums. And I don't think I would want discus. I also would like to carpet the bottom and have taller, leafer plants in the back. Rocks and driftwood for the middle. Thanks for the tips .

Tank measures 30h x 26l x 18w

Last checked ph was 7.4-7.6

No idea for hardness
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those are some tough dimensions!

seems to me like you would want to get fish that live at different levels, but i dont think you would want anything too big or anything that likes to run, since you don't have too much horizontal straight line room to work with.

i would probably go:
some kind of cory: i have found peppers to be the most hardy, but also large and brutish, so make sure any carpet is established before introduction.
I am fond of pandas, but they can be sensitive, especially to any spikes in temp or nitrogen cycle.
I found juli's to be boring, didn't school as well and hid a lot, but others report differnt results.

gourami for a center piece. i have never kept angels but dont hear the best things when it comes to small (little room to run) tanks. gouramis only hate each other for the most part.

a tetra school for the low-mid: for me, glolights and lemons schooled better than phantoms or neons, but i havent kept many

a rasbora school for the high-mid: for me, the harlequins schooled better than any tetra and were less nippy, but very capable of getting their share of food, even in the presence of the stomach with fins aka rainbows in the tank.

all of this, of course, depends on level of current, temp, hardness and planting density.
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yeah I was thinking like 6 or so smaller corys. Dwarf gouramis had come to mind before, what would be a good number to have when they were full grown? How many tetras and rasbora? Wouldn't the Rasbora nip the gourami?

The current is on strong on one side, and the other end it's almost non-existent.

The temp is really easy to control here, don't really get to much of a temp change.

what would be a good plant the grows taller but pretty slow. I'm also in the process of making a 3d background...but it's taking a but more time then I would have liked.
Cichlids! German Blue Rams, Apistos, and Checkerboard cichlids!
I didn't think they would go well in a taller tank like that..
So I sat down and thought about something that would look really colorful, and here is what I came up with:

15 Neon Tetra
10 Zebra Danio
6 Emerald Cory
1 Golden Gourami
10 Ghost Shrimp

Hemianthus callitrichoides for carpet
Anubias nana for midground

I still need a background and floating plant.

any sugestions? Is the stock to much?
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