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55 gallon reseal/recaulk

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Hello, i got a used 55 gallon tank and i am replacing the silicone; it was made in 1991 (all glass) and the previous owner had it in pretty rough shape. So i have mostly all the silicone removed.

but i am wondering if i am going about this correctly.
should i completely remove all traces of the silicone, and just go over where it was (with 100% silicone from big als or the GE RTV10 silicone)
or would i have to take the trim off the tank as well, clean everything and use the GE RTV108 silicone and make the tank from scrap re-using the glass?
OR should i just sell it (do a quick caulking job and say it shouldn't be used to hold water) and with the money i get buy a newer 55 gallon tank (used as i am trying to save money)?

also, what silicone would you recommend? i was just saying GE RTV108 because i read that someone used it and it works well

i could use input from anyone, i just don't want the tank to blow out in my bedroom (or anywhere else).

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its the silicon between the glass that holds it together
if it looks real good then you could replace all silicon were edges meet
silicon does not seal to itself well once its cured
so its all or nothing if you are replacing edges and or seams between glass
taking it apart and getting all the silicon off is way to much work to justify on a
abused 55 gal
rtv 108 is up there among the best
see the spot with no silicone..

..there is still something holding it together between the pieces of glass?
and if i use rtv 108 (i will, unless someone has another alternative) i would caulk it just like how you would caulk a window or a bathtub? (smooth bead, flatten it nicely with wet finger...kind of like the caulking directly above the spot with none)

if what i am proposing won't work i will sell it as a snake tank, to subsidize the cost of a new tank
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Put it up on Craigslist as is for free or next to free. Hopefully someone will be willing to haul it away for you.
Put it up on Craigslist as is for free or next to free. Hopefully someone will be willing to haul it away for you.
not sure if joking...

anyone ever have luck with doing a repair like this?
See that slight haze where the old silicone was?

The new silicone will not stick to that, and the tank will fail within a month. Been there, done that.

What removes that last bit of silicone when you cannot even see that haze?

Ditto the comment above: Sell it as a reptile habitat.
I wish I was joking, but in this case, I'm not. The tank is worse than if you had separate pieces of glass. At least then you wouldn't have the old silicone to deal with. But you do. By the time you mess with cleaning up all the silicone and then try to reseal it, you would have spent an enormous amount of time and energy. And for what? Odds are high that it will leak (potentially causing damage to your house, not to mention lost fish and plants). And even if it didn't leak, you would have spent all that time, money, and energy for a beat up old tank. Let it go. It's dead already.
lol, i'm young, full of energy, and am doing this in my spare time...
time and energy aren't an issue ;)

i have almost all of the old silicone off now...i was reading that vinegar and acetone (separately) will remove/dissolve the silicone rubber (not to mention that the silicone has been almost falling off the glass)

ohh well...anyone know how much a 55 gallon reptile tank would go for?
and if i sell it, i can buy a new tank with the money i get for selling some, because the one i get will be able to hold water lol
does anyone know if this silicone is aquarium safe and will be able to hold back the force of the 55 gallons of water?,+Clear.jsp?locale=en

if not i will buy this because i heard it was and can
over 100 views, does anyone have an answer?
Around here I buy GH silicone I, for windows and doors. It is 100% silicone, and has no mold inhibitors. I have heard the Kitchen and Bath version does have mold inhibitors.
I also have some of the RTV product, but have yet to use it.

Tanks that I have repaired have all failed but 1. I suspect that there is an invisible trace of old silicone that is preventing the new silicone from properly bonding with the glass.

I have tried cleaning them with rubbing alcohol and this did not help.

Most of the repairs held up for about a month, then gave way slowly, a pin-prick sort of leak that just seeped at first, then got worse.

The only tank that made it is a 15 gallon (actually holds about 12 gallons) that is quite shallow, so there is much less weight of water forcing the glass apart.
Tanks that have failed:
125- sold it for a snake habitat.
45 gallon that is 2' tall- Carnivorous plant habitat. It holds 6" of water safely.
24 gallon hexagon- Another terrarium sort of set up, it also holds about 6-8" of water.

Current project: A 45 gallon tank with a broken end glass. I am going to try one of those silicone caulk removers and see if that will really remove the remaining silicone after I have razor bladed it off.
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i am going to try silicone it. i will go to canadian tire and find a non mildew resistant silicone (100% silicone) and caulk it with a nice, thick bead, trying to go outside of where the previous silicone was (to avoid the invisible film) hopefully it will hold up. that, or i make it look good, and sell it.
the tank, with stand, two aquaclear 70's, a heater, two buckets of gravel (regular, inert, black and yellow mix) a whole ton of rocks (including two nice pieces of lava rock) were sold to me for only $50...hopefully i can sell the stand (and the rocks) for enough to buy a new(er) tank..

feel free to continue posting stories about resealing here, maybe one day it will help someone else ;)
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