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this thread is a journel for the 55 gallon reef tnak i'm working on. i'm currently only about $50 away from getting the tank.

i have recently bought $105 worth of live rock to put in it. it will have a refugium also.

the below is the general plans.

the tank will have a filter (not sure what type it comes with), a heater (set at about 75* or so), and a refugium.

the salinity will stay about 1.024.

i will hopefully be buying some different zoos, polyps, and some cool corals to add onto it.

the live rock has sponge, different algaes, some macroalgae type thing, lots of wierd plants, little red things, and small anemones (wich stung me the other day).

the refugium will have chaeto plant, a few white shrimps, some snails, and maby a clam or some filter feeding critter. it will also have live sand.

i am still debating on whether i should connect the reef tank with the seahorse breeding tanks. the seahorse breeding tanks willl be added on later once the reef tank is going smoothly. by connect, i mean have small airline tubes taking water from the reef's refugium and putting it in the seahorse tanks. and having more tubing take water from the sehaorse tank and put it into the refugium. so the really healthy reef water can circulate and go through a refugium before being transported.

will the above work out good? also, the fry tank will be circulating water back and forth from the main seahorse tank. so the water will go through a refugium and another seahorse tank before the reef water gets to the fry. but i want to fry to be in the same water they were born in.

i'm sure i forgot stuff so i'll add more later :proud:
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