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55 gallon plant list

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hello everyone,
my last thread kinda got derailed and talked about my parameters. but anyways my tank was over run with algae.
I've got 110 watts of light now with pressurized co2 with the mineralized top soil, topped with pool filter sand.
i want to try and keep the plants low maintenance the wisteria i had in there before just took off. has anyone else ever had a carpet of wisteria? ha ha
i'm open to pretty much any plants
i was thinking of a carpet of glosso in the front maybe?
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What kind of lighting do you have over your aquarium? 110 watts of light can be very different, depending on what kind of lighting you have.

However, I think it will be hard to keep it as a "low maintenance" aquarium if you have high light conditions.

Glossostigma is a nice carpet plant, but would not be called "low maintenance".
I have 4x odno t8 and 1 2x odno t8
Also why is gloss not low maintenance. And do you suggest a different carpet plant that is?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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