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These are pick up only. Northeast Ohio, Akron Canton area

Set includes:
•55-gallon Marineland tanks with black background. Sticker on tank says made in Dec 2006. (either one or two tanks)

• T5 HO 108 watt Sun System Tek Light light fixture with adjustable mounting brackets. Each fixture holds two T5 48inch 54 watt bulbs which are included. Each fixture will include one 10,000k bulb and one actinic bulb. (either one or two light fixtures)

• Your choice of substrates.
Planted tank substrate (I think it's Eco Complete),
African Cichlid shell substrate,
natural brown small-sized gravel,
or very fine light colored natural gravel.

These are used items but in great condition. The tanks have no leaks and the light fixtures and bulbs work great! The tanks could use a quick scrub. Tanks were made in Dec 2006.

This is a picture of my tanks in my home. I have the exact same set out in my garage. It’s not being used and someone should be enjoying it!

Price is $250 for one tank, one stand and one light fixture.
$350 for two tanks, one stand and two light fixtures
$150 for a tank and light with no stand
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