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55 Gallon Live Rock Issue!!!

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I currently have a 55 gallon tank with 55 gallons of live rock. I have a lighting fixture that is 760w total power. 2x250 HQI(Double ended Metal Halide), 4x65 Compact Flourescent 10k, and LED Moon lights. I recently just left the two HQI 2x250 bulbs on because I thought 500w was plenty after a few day of the lights on look what my rock look like. They are turning yellow, any one know what I can do to fix this Thanks, Picture should be below.(In the pictures the actinic lights are, thats why it looks blue)

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Wrong forum, bud. We're freshwater people here....most of us. :D

Try ReefCentral or

On a side note, it could be algae growing on the rocks. Can you rub it off or blow it off with a turkey baster? Is the ENTIRE rock turning yellow?
The problem is their not getting all the proper wave forms of light. You mentioned that you turned off the 4x65.

High light is important, but you cant forget to have the actinics. They supply the proper wavelenghts needed.
Are those bubbles on the rocks trapped beneath algae, or did you move the rocks to take the pictures? Cyano bacteria is the only thing that looks remotely like that that I can think of, but it is a reddish-brown color, not yellow. Try to take some full-light shots of the rocks, and head on over to RC...

By the way, you don't need "actinic" lighting. If your halide bulbs are less than 14k, depending on manufacturer, then you may want actinics to make the corals and fish more colorful, but this lighting isn't necessary and your tank will mature just as well without it as with it.

Really :D. I think you'd do better here: Reef Central
There are a lot of questions here. How long has the tank been set up? How long is your light cycle? If this is a new tank setup you are likely going through the typical algae blooms that accompany many new setups. Keep up with maintenance and you should see it go away on it's own.
How long was the rock out of the water?
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