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55 gallon lighting

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is this a good t5 ho light fixture for a 55 gallon

h ttp://

delete the space between the h ttp and then search it up please i would really appreciate the help ----
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Ask yourself why a seller would remove the brand name from a product they were selling
on there is the first thing I would answer you.
Then if you still want it look for the freshwater version which has two 6500K bulbs with it. There not horrible and I have the 20" one, but in the freshwater version.
It's just one of those you get what you pay for things where the name brand ones are better made. But it still works.
After you get tired of the glare the bulbs supplied/w it gives you can get good bulbs from Doctor Foster & Smith which are only $10 each when on sale.
You can e-mail those people and they might give you a 10,000K bulb and a 6500K bulb with the fixture. That would be your best option on a 55g tank/w the 20" from top to substrate. But if they won't I wouldn't buy extra bulbs from them as you can get the name brand one from Doc F&S for the same money on sale. I made that mistake when I bought the fixture. Same thing/w the bracket. The one in the main picture is an inside bracket which will inevitably need to go right on top of that seam/hinge in the middle of your tank top.
Where it says contact seller...e-mail them about switching it out to an outside bracket like in the third picture.
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Yeah I would generally steer clear of unbranded ebay ads as well.

It appears to be an Odyssea fixture. Thy are not high quality, but are cheap and put out a decent amount of light.

Here is the same fixture directly from a vendor.
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