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My goal is to have a nice looking community planted tank. I currently have 2x15w 16" bulbs that came with the tank, I have the same bulb on my 20 gallon. It has grown plants fine in the 20 gallon for the past 10 years.

Everything I have been reading it sounds like my current lighting won't be adequate. So I am trying to find an inexpensive T5HO setup. I have some amazon swords and about to buy some vallisneria.

The 55 gallon has a black plastic support beam in the middle. Currently there are two low quality plastic light housings, the kind that were sold with every aquarium 10 years ago. I have upgraded to an all glass canopy.

So I have a few options:

DIY conversion and take the current housing and convert it to T5 setup parts from Home Depot less than $40.

PetSmart sells a Aqueon 48" LED setup for less than $50. It is doesn't list the watts or PAR. I can't find squat on it.

An Odyssea 2 T5HO 48" for $80.

A fishneedit 2 T5HO 48" for $90.

A fishneedit 4 T5HO 48" for $150.

Or any other suggestions would be great. I don't want to spend much over $100.

My big concern is getting enough light. That stupid support beam and melting it. Retrofitting that plastic housing and melting that. To much light for the fish. And starting a fire, that would probably add PAR but the ROI would definetly be negative, plus the "I told you to just buy it from the pet store" till I die would really stink.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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