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55-Gallon Light Recommendations

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Hi all,

About a year ago I have upgraded from a 25-Gallon tank to a 55-Gallon tank. But I ran into a little issues that I never had with the old 25-Gallon. I been trying to grow some plants in the new tank many times but they all seem to be dyeing/turning blackish color over time. I been thinking that my lights might not be powerful enough to reach the bottom of the tank with enough power for the plants.

The tank dimensions are: 49"-Length x 13"-Width x 18"-Height

The lighting system for the tank is made up of two 18" neon light bulbs(One on each side) sitting right on the top of the tank without any big gap. Currently I have 2 15W Flora-Glo T8 2,800K bulbs installed, these were recommended by the fish store I normally go to.

Anyone know if these lights are adequate for the size of tank that I have or should I be getting something more powerful?

Thanks for your Help :)
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I wouldn't really be window shopping for a purchase like this. Know what you are going to get before you go to get it. T5NO lights should do ok for you, as well as a 48" home depot T8 fixture that you can get some more bulbs on besides one (like the stock ones that you've been using).
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