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Hi there, I'm relatively new to the hobby of aquariums and just recently made my first purchase, a lovely 55 gallon long. I had been researching aquariums for a good year before finally pulling the trigger and committing to one.

Compared to most of the tanks on here, mine is insignificant, but without further adieu, here is my tank that's about 2 months old.

11 neon tetra
6 julii cory cats
3 dalmatian molies
1 red tail black shark

50lbs natural color substrate
1 large piece of Malaysian driftwood

6 Italian val
2 small Amazon swords
2 patches of dwarf grass
1 wisteria
1 rotala magenta
1 ludwigia

Poseidon, the star of the tank.

Any questions or suggestions feel free to chime in, thanks!
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