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Hello and welcome :)

Not sure where to begin, so my best advice is

Your comments are a bit vague
This is what I got

And I think you like pet I

Since light drives the tank, decide on that first. Are you going to use C02? These two options pretty much determine what is going to grow, along with your water parameters. Do you plan on fertilizing.

I suggest you think about how much time you are willing to expend. The higher the light (par) the more work.

I have had high, low and medium light tanks. I no longer keep high light tanks and I have five to play with. Personally I like the single t5 bulbin a 65 K and the use of a Finnex. Led. The combo to me - looks great. The most important thing is that it looks good to you. In order to get there you have to experiment, with all the variables. Make sure you over filter and have good flow/ movement in the tank.
Do a search here for Niko - his posts really make you think about a tank as a system.
HTH & good luck. Contact me for some free plants in about one month_ you pay shipping
Have a great day

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