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55 gallon aquarium for sale

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I'm downsizing my tank this week yay!!!! Mr aqua 25g cube for me and my apistos

So that means I'm selling my 55 gallon this week.

I forget the brand of the tank.
But it comes with the glass lids, a fluval U2 (not enough filtration for this tank.) an aqueon t5 dual light fixture 48"
And floramax substrate that has been dried and in a plastic garbage bin now.

I'm asking 150$ for everything which is a fair price. You may make me an offer but NO LOW BALLING

I do need this gone immediately. Pm me for my phone number and we can talk

This is pick up only in redwood city
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Already sold. It may be the dollar per gallon sale but you can't get a tank 48"t5 with 2 6700k bulbs two glass lids and floramax for 55$ ;P so what I was selling was a steal
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