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55 gallon AGA recommendations

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I am trying to grow swords, jungle val, AR, and dwarf hair grass in a 55 gallon AGA aquarium.

Right now I have a Coralife 4x65W CF 6700K fixture. I only run 2x65W 6 hours a day. Sits about 5 inches above the tank rim. Tank dimensions LxWxH is 48x12x21.

I am dosing NPK and iron and I have pressurized CO2 with a PVC reactor.

Is this enough light for my dwarf hair grass? It doesn't seem to be growing much. Should I get a different light setup? T5HO?
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2 X 65 for 6 hours a day is not high light.
Why not try turning on the second set for a couple hours a day.
4x65 is a good amount of light. That is what I'm running over my emersed setup right now. Are you dosing other traces? This is my guess, and it could be wrong, but I am thinking CO2. Good levels? I say this only because in my emersed setup it is spreading like mad, growing faster than the HC, and the only reason I could think of would be that my plants can get CO2 straight from the air. Same tank, same amount of light, pretty much the same ferts.
Well if you have a 4x65 watt why not use it for 6 hours a day? or do 2x65 for 2 hours then 4x65 for the other 4.
Well an update: I tried 4x65W for 6 hours a day. After 3 days everything became covered in brown film algae that I can rub off with my fingers. The glass has some greenish brown algae too.

The only positive I found was I noticed my plants started pearling immediately when I turned on the other 2 lights.

Any advice? My Hairgrass doesn't seem to be getting enough light yet 4x65W is too much :mad: :mad:
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