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55 gal. plant tank (NooB)

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Hi All, I am starting a new planted tank as a first timer.

Will take pics if I rememebr and post as I go I hope.. LOL

Plan... low level maintenace, no co2, very little water changes and some fish

Action so far..

I set up a 55 gallon with a ehiem wet/dry canister 2227, Heater and undergravel filter plates on both sides of tank.

The eheim filter has the wet/dry guts removed to act as a normal canister filter.

The undergravel plates are there for the future. Every so often I plan on running reverse flow under the plates to stir the gravel and dirt up best i can without disturbing... I may even put some reverse powerheads on a timer to run 1 to 2 hours a night. this may just help to keep things clean and also replenish the roots..

Today I will add Volcanite since it was a gift from a friends old tank and that will be the only substrate..

I just may add 2 small spotted puffers as I go along with this plan since I have nowhere else to put them at the moment. A Friend had them in a community tank and they killed a few of his fish so he was pretty upset.
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I would probably consider not using the under gravel filter and disturbing the substrate so much. It may actually do more harm then good to the plants. But wait and see if anyone else posts having success with an under gravel filter in a planted tank.

update.. got my plants a couple days ago but i got way to many

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not much of a landscape.. i have to weed out some plants. I just trimmed down roots and cut off old leaves on the stem plants. i have 4 swords in the tank and they take up so much room. I will try to save some plants for my 180 gallon set-up.. that may take some time(maybe a month or 2).
This seems to be my best shots but the pics are big.. not very good at pics yet..

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if anyone has a myspace here is my link with some pics of tank

It seems to have shrunk the pictures a bit but imma try to keep a album on here. this way i can just keep everything together i guess..
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