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I am looking into getting a 54 gal corner tank. I was hoping I could plant dwarf hair grass or similar in the front, and some lower light plants further back and keep the lights towards the front so they shine brightest there? I don't I necessarily want a high tech tank, I just really want the "lawn" in the front of the tank and I will have taller plants going towards the back around driftwood and slate pieces to make an arch/cave with. (I really wanted DHG in my 6g but the lights are not bright enough and these should be.)
So I would like to know which canister filters everyone suggests as well as some stocking options. I have heard that corner tanks can be troublesome with flow etc, but wouldn't a cheap power head be able to fix that? Idk anything about them really.
I am pretty new with a 6g planted being my only tank right now, that I just set up in Jan this year. (My b/f unknowingly handed me an obsession with that tank for x-mas, btw. Now I can't get enough.)
So, I am all about learning and am very interested in any advice anyone has to give (I have gotten some advise and that was to just avoid the corner tanks basically ;) ) but I'm really smitten with this one and I only have a corner available for a tank. So if I can work around difficulties and make it work I'm going to try. However, the only "problems" I actually know about with corners are flow and aquascaping (the whole thirds and nothing centered thing). So I'm open to advice there as well; if anyone knows of other problems etc.
1. Canister filter advice
2. General planting/ corner tank advice
3. Stocking advice
I love colorful/beautiful & unusual/unique.
I want a school of Rummy nose and another school of something undecided (Embers?) Idk many small schooling fish. German Blue Rams, any colorful Killi that would be happy in community tank, Dojo, Glass cats?, Red Lizard whiptail, ******?, Congo Tetras?, CPDs?, Dwarf Gourami? Dwarf crayfish? Amano shrimp. Hmm, I have more on a list somewhere, see why I need help? Any fish suggestions? I fell in love with an orange Discus but from what I've read, some people say they wouldn't do well as a single in a community set up and I don't think the 54 would be appropriate for a school. Any thoughts?
Btw sorry this went on and on, I'm brand new to forums and have a lot of questions! Most of my friends start to snooze if I start talking fish, so I don't have anyone to ask/discuss with. Thanks for your patience and any advice! :icon_bigg
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