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Not trying to be mean or rude, but all aquatic plants were collected once before they were sold. Also many buccephelandra sp. are sold by members on this forum that have them. I understand that stripping something from the wild to be grow in home is an issue.

You have an awesome tank setup and love the planting you have so far. Nice job.
Hobby collecting lots of Bucephalandra and other rare aquatic aroids from that region in Southeast Asia really is ethically questionable. A lot of that material that is imported is wild-collected. You might not necessarily be breaking the law to have it in possession here, but collection in the wild from most of those places is illegal. It is likely that commercial demand and collection is also depleting wild populations of those plants, many pf which might be restricted to very small areas in the wild.

I am aware that all were initially collected. Aquarists are responsible for numerous plant and animal extinctions in the wild. It's terrible. I can't go back and prevent the original collections of the commonly traded ferns, crypts and anubias now. However, sticking to species that are currently grown commercially, even if collected in the past, is far more responsible than fueling the demand for plants that are not grown commercially and are currently being illegally collected.
This is an important distinction to make.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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