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5000K 5500K or 6700K

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I am looking to purchase the AH supply 55 watt bright kit. Which bulb would you recommend for a non-specialized freshwater tank pease? (20H tank, 55W bulb)

Would I then require a CO2 setup or is this not necessary, I would like to avoid t if possible. I have not ordered yet so I could get the 36W if that is more suitable.
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If you were wanting not to inject C02, I would tend toward the lower wattages. I am running a 65W PC Coralife, but am using pressurized CO2. you might be able to get away with using Excel with the 55W, but your life would certainly be a lot easier with 36W I think.

Oh yeah, I would go with the would be whiter.
6700K. Go with a 36w setup if you don't want to do CO2.

Like 2wheelsx2 said, you might be able to get away with just Excel on 55w and 20 gallons.
Why wouldn't crisps not want to use the 7800 or 10000 bulbs?
He only gave us 3 options. =P

Personally, I'd go for the 7800K bulbs.
i like the 9325k but out of te choices 6700k would be my choice
6700K, 36W purchased.

Pity I did it on a week where there seems to be two postal bank holidays (MLK Jr and Ford rememberance)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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