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Just set this one up this month. Managed to pick up this FishBox aquarium for £30 quid second hand. Couldnt pass on it, so bought it and dumped it on my desk.

I planned on putting some Flag fish (Jordanella floridae) in here. Got a breeding pair (hopefully). But unfortunately they became ill in quarantine. First they came down with ich almost immediately, then once I cured that they are both 'not' doing great. Treating with Esha Exit and Esha 2000 at the moment. Hoping they get better. Got 2 juvenile platys and 3 endlers in as placeholders at the moment. A cleanup crew of some mighty fine Otocinculus.

Gone sand for this tank because I just love the look, although I plan for most of it to be covered in Hemianthus in a few months.

Plants are;
Cobomba Furcata.
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Blood Red Rotala - Hopefully will get that brilliant red colour. Probably not though, because I am far too lazy.
Blyxa Japonica (as expected this completely melted within hours :oops: but has started growing back now)
Hygrophylia Polysperma - Love this plant
Pogostomon Erectus - an absolute glorious plant.
Riccia Fluitian - definitely worth the hassle. No doubt it will all be floating in a few weeks
A bunch of Ludwigia Repens too. Just getting this to redden up, sort of a light orange at mo :giggle:.
I mixed up some Altenanthera Rosafelia and A. Cardenalis V - Kind of wish I hadn't mixed them, because I cant tell them apart right now. Lol
Small amount of Eleocharis Parvula Hairgrass around the bogwood.
Some weeping moss on the rosewood and bogwood
Some Anubia Nana Petit offcuttings. They are melting a bit as I gave them a harsh scrubbing with a toothbrush. Ooops!
Bunged in some Dwarf Sag too, but probably will remove it when everything grows in. Otherwise it will take over the tank. Just a little gap filler to keep my OCD at bay.
Oh and a tiny bit of flame moss on some bog wood near the front, looks completely out of place at moment, but waiting to see what it looks like when the moss grows in..
I also always bang in some duckweed to new setups. I find it helps balance the tank faster.

All these plants were taken from cuttings from my other tanks, so no real acclimatising issues. Apart from the Japonica. Actually got it for another tank, but I banged some in here too.

Really looking forward to getting the best out of the Blood Red Rotala, although not convinced I will manage it. Added some Crystal Blue Shrimps the other day. Love those guys. Some awesome leopard Ramshorn's in there too.

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