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50 Gallon Oscar Tank

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Hi, my name is Stephen and I'm a student at University of San Diego. I got into aquariums last year when someone bought a 10 gallon for my dorm room as a gift. I loved it and needed more of it. So I got a 50 gallon with a fluval 206 filter and a little juvenile oscar to go with my convict cichlids.

Here's the new tank with some pieces from my 10 gallon. In retrospect, putting old decorations + plants into the new tank was a terrible idea. The algae that was growing on the rocks spread to the new tank.

I added about 30lbs of playsand.

The tank cycled and eventually cleared up and I added a few fish.

After a couple weeks, I added the Oscar.

Cichlids started laying eggs so I put in a divider to keep the other fish from eating the eggs.

I was having problem with brown algae (diatoms?) from my old decorations so I added a UV Sterilizer to help curb the algae and get the clearest possible water.

A smoothhound shark and stingray I caught off our dock in the backyard.

125 Saltwater soon...

Anyways, I plan on buying a 108w light and adding soil and a diy paintball co2 system so that I can grow a carpet of glosso and add some swords. I'm going to give the convicts to a friend and just keep the oscar and the little dwarf guorami (they get along just fine). I know that people don't usually have oscars in their planted tanks but I wanted to do something different.

My goal is to have a tank that looks something like this:

Plenty of updates to come... Thanks for reading!
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If you want a tank like that, you'll have to let go of the oscar as well. They are well known for digging up and shredding plants, as well as moving rocks around. They are cute when they're little, but they are strong and messy when they're big. You'll have to either have two tanks or choose between a planted tank or an oscar. You can't have both in the same tank.
when your oscar grows, will you put it in a larger tank? 50 gallons is a little small for a full-grown, 12'' oscar IMO...
Dony mix plants with oscars they said. Oscars and planted tanks dont go together they said.

But srsly, I understand that people have had bad experiences with oscars, but im willing to give it a try since mine hasnt given me any problems yet. And yes, i know that once fully grown he will be too big, so I plan on getting a 100 gal when that happens. But I do appreciate your critiques so keep them coming!
My critique of oscars... never tried one in a planted tank, but when I had it it got big enough that it ate everything else I tried to put in the tank, so if you like oscars, just be sure that you like them alone cause they eventually will be all you have.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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