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Sea Clear acrylic 50 gallon (36x15x20 in)

1 eheim 2213 filter
1 Aquaclear 110 filter
1 air pump with 2 air stones
1 hydor koralia 240 that runs all the time
1 hydor koralia 425 that runs for a few hours each day
2 Current satellite+ 8 hour light period
1 large heater, which I’m not using currently and may not need at all

eco complete
caribsea sand
lava rock
manzanita branches (which are currently moldy)

Crypts (beckettii, balansae, retrospiralis, parva, wendtii, and others)
Anubias (petite, pinto, coffeefolia)
at least 10 different varieties of buce
Dwarf water lily
Echinodorus Aflame Purple Knight
Lagenandra Meeboldii Red
narrow leaf java fern
moss (wavy, spiky, flame, fissidens fox, fissidens fontanus, willow, vesicularia triangle)

Weekly water changes of 30-50%
No ferts, no co2, no excel because I'm super lazy.[censored]I did put in some root tabs when I planted.

12 sterbai cories (3 adults and 9 that are growing out)
29 green neon tetras
3 borneo suckers
6 hatchets
7? amano shrimp (I didn’t count when I moved them)
2 zebra nerites
2 black racer nerites
20 malaysian trumpet snails (There are a lot of small crevices with the rock layout so I want them to get detritus there and churn the sand substrate.)
1 bladder snail (I haven’t seen him in a while, but I hope he’s in there and that there will be a bunch more. I’m planning to get a pea puffer for a nano tank and I want to use this tank as my snail supply).

I’ll probably chuck in a bunch of carbon rilis. There are always 40-80 baby shrimp in my goldfish tank filters when I clean them.

I’m happy with the tank so far. I upgraded to this 50 gallon from a 20 long. I didn’t have a mini cycle or any issues transferring over the filter and I added about twice the bioload of fish to the new tank immediately. All the anubias and most of the buces have already gotten new leaves in 2 weeks. I see bright green tips on all the moss. The only thing that is disappointing me as far as growth is concerned is the java fern. A lot of my crypts are melting, but that is to be expected. I’m excited to see the tank when everything grows in (especially the moss on the rocks and the big plants in the back of the aquarium). I may order some more buce varieties eventually. I’m also considering getting 6 more hatchets. The hatchets will group together sometimes, but mostly each one has claimed a little territory and they chase each other away when other hatchets drift in. The sterbai are happier with the taller tank than I expected and the adults swim all the way up and down the walls. They also seem to enjoy exploring the rocks. It’s nice to finally have them in some sand, which is why I left a large beach area in the front of the tank. I like the neons a lot and they will school together often.

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