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5 gallons low tech tank

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I have this fluval chi tank that I want to use as low tech tank, by low tech I mean just light and heater, since I'll be housing a betta filter is not a must, as long as water changes are made on time (I think or at least that's how I've been housing my boys)

so questions I haven't been able to find a 6500k light bulb for a lamp that I have to lighten the tank, either spot light or fluorescent I need a link ebay or Amazon or any place that I can order online by your own experience, so that you can tell me "I used this bulb before" or "I'm using this" please. second substrate would flourish excel work any other recommendation or I should use just sand

Tank measures 12"L 12"W 13"H if this tank gets successfully set up I may do the same to the other one they both go in my living room so the should be good looking as they're part of the decoration so please I would appreciate your help thanks for reading



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I just got this lamp to use with a chi: along with a cool white led bulb

Here's the bulb:

Just started using it so no results yet but it looks pretty good, little low on bringing out red colors.

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Nice, can you keep me updated? I'm planning to end up the set up in a month or less, there should be progress on that time isn't it? Right now I'm trying to grow some flame moss, so I have it with water and a temporal t8 light that I have, but since it's going to be on the living room I really need a bulb for the lamp.
Mm but I'm not allowed to change the lamps that's the problem ( and we're not married yet)
This is the lamp ibhave I and the other Chi that would be modified after finishing this one the problem with it is that I can't grow my java moss in there, even before the floaters


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What are the specs of the bulb that you have in that lamp?
Not sure it came with It but is not 6500k that's for sure it isn't that bright
I dont know why but I removed the ebay links I found two different spot bulbs I'll order them theyre loke 3 dollars since they're coming from Hong Kong so ill give them a try
home depot has the CFL bulbs look for them.
The ones from home depot provides the same light than the bulbs I have already I'm just waiting on the ones I ordered to see how they work
I can't post the link here but I got some led spot lights that provide 6500k without lighting the whole living room it doesn't seem that bright but my plants still growing and now we can watch a movie without turning the lamps off
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