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5 gallon Walstad method filterless tank

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I have had a shrimp vase for 7 months so and one of the shrimps as since had babies.
so now I'm Starting up a 5 gallon filterless tank for my office. The tank has been set up for 2 weeks. The tank is planted with soil capped with small pebble substrate.

Here is the tank thus far 2 weeks in.

How long should I wait to add my juvenile Red Cherry Shrimp from my vase?

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Are you going to re-home the betta once you add the juvies?
Yea I was wondering if I could house the betta with my adult RCS. Other wise I'll just put him in an extra vase

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On rare occasions, I've seen them live together peacefully but the majority have had bad luck keeping shrimp with a Betta...myself included.
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