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I started off my day, looking at 5 gallon desk tank, wondering what i should do, i figured i'd rebuild it.

Here are the specs:

Tank And Filter:
5 Gallon tank Kit from Wal mart
Wal mart spec filter rated for 15 gallons

10w screw in into stock hood
(soon to upgrade to 20-25w)

1" of eco-complete
1" of black gravel

Inside the tank deco:
1 Piece of Lava rock (3x boiled and soaked)
One small piece malaysian driftwood

Lots ludwigia (3x species, not sure exactly whats what)
2 Species Rotalla
Micro Swords (narrow leaf and broad leaf)
Java Moss
some weird clover looking plant(not exactly sure of the name)
Java Fern attached to my lava rock

1-3mL of Kent Marine Pro-plant every week

1 wild live bearer (also not sure what it is, it looks cool though)
2 Plain guppies (probably will get rid of them)
1 Fancy guppy (personal strain)
1 Indian Dwarf Puffer
2 Epically huge ghost shrimp

i would have attached pics if my camera didnt crap out on me, but heres pics of what it looks like now...


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