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5 gallon set up (to be)

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Ive just set up this tank

I put it in its place and set up the filtration and such today, but I cant add water until I get support beams on the floor and inside the stand (lol), I want to try my hand at a small tank for my bedroom. I am thinking of the cube garden mini by ADA. I really want something like this

The medium cube tank is 5 gallons, and I am starting this now with hopes of having it completely set up by january. I want to do this right and take my time. I am thinking of an ADA c02 system and an ADA lighting system.

I already bought an ADA co2 system for a different tank, but im deciding to go with a reactor instead with that tank, so I can return those larger products and get a smaller c02 diffuser and system.
1st question: Is the ADA c02 system the best for a smaller tank such as this? Just a plain pollen Diffuser is good enough?
2nd question: For a 5 gallon like that, what lighting system should I get? I want ALOT of greenery, something very lush. ADA has some good ones, I hear, ADA is the only company I completely trust, even though I know their products are a little expensive, you pay for what you get for.
I havent bought anything, and I want you guys to kind of come to a consensus about the products I should buy. Price is a small factor, but im not going to do something outrageous. I want this to look good function well.

What do you think?
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first question is yes.
second question, have you look at ahsupply yet? they have some retofit lighting that you can use, they have really good reflectors so a little will got a long way. You should proabably look into getting Aquasoil if you want great plants growth and i'm sure the ada co2 sustem should be great for your tank.

G'luck, great start btw
Im not sure about the watts stuff, what I mean is how many watts should I get? What does watts measure? The brightness of the bulbs? I want a good about of HC and some riccia and maybe some more difficult plants, like Egleria fluctuans, so I dont want to skimp on the lighting.

the 13watts with the reflector should do fine for you, if you dont get the reflector look into getting high wattage. Watt basically is the intensity of the light you have but don't count on this number alone, the size, shape and reflectors also play a big role.

check out the lighting subforum, lots to learn there
13 watts over a tank that size is going to be very low light. It's even pretty low for a 2.5 gallon. I would recommend more wattage if you want to grow anything other than moss. ;)

Myself, I have 26 watts (2 x 13) from AH Supply over my 2.5 gallon. But I am growing HC which likes the high light. It's amazing the difference in the quality of the HC between 13 watts and 26.
The solar mini is specifically made for my tank, is that okay? Its got 2 27watts, so i think im going to go with that.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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