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A bit of background on what you will see.
First I designed a 5 channel puck w/out using any white LEDs.
Second I'm designing a controller for said pucks w/ a few "perks"

Anyways a rough draft so to speak.
First frames are the pucks at 100% all channels. The overall tone is slightly pink.
About 0-20sec.
Look for the toning at the top of the tank.
Second decreasing the red slightly to make a more neutral tone
After the 2 I just decreased individual colors one at a time at 50 the 0%
Gamma was set at 2.2 so 50% isn't 50% power.
Only one channel will ever be shut off.

Starting at 2:20 is the controller on preview mode.
Some things about the controller One it will have dimming protocol choices, Linear and a set of gamma curves.
Second dimming steps will be 13bit..8192 points from 0 to 100%
Third runs on wifi.

Fourth will come w/ 5 drivers on board w/ a max voltage in of 60V DC.

Currently the output of each is 700mA.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, pros and cons.
Oh sorry about the boring tank atm and be aware that 660nm red really doesn't "film" well.

OK ignore the timing but sequence is the same.
REMOVED orig vid.
Slightly better video, gamma off so 50% is 50%:
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