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5 bulb adjustable floor lamp

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What do you guys think about this floor lamp? You can adjust each bulb so dialing in the height should be easy.

I stumbled on this looking for lighting for my new 20L. I think 3 cfl bulbs would be the most I would use, not too sure what I would do with the other 2.

...Or I might just got the shop light cfl route and spray paint the outside black and hang them

What you think?

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You can use three 6500k in the center and a red and blue on the outer lamps for a cool effect.

My problem is I am trying to use up a Menards gift card for the lighting. I actually have $100 and was going to put together a shop light fixture and make it look nice but this spider light might be the way to go. Its only $20 and they have 8 packs of 23w cfls for $15

I'll stop at Menards on my way home and check it out.
So I stopped at Menards to check it out, luckily they had one on display. I ended up not getting it because the arms are actually kind of short, too short for any decent spread and still have the bulbs facing straight down.

Looks like it will be DIY cfl fixture unless I can come up with something else with the Menards gift card.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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