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Well since the appearance of platy and molly fry in my 29 and my roommate's 20 long, my 5.5 gal was thus turned into the "preschool" tank and my ideas for a planted nano were put on hold for the moment. Well now that they're bigger and the threat of more fry to come I decided to go ahead with my plans and start my first nano planted tank. Here's a before picture of the tank with the 20 platy fry and 2 molly fry. sorry for the mess it was just before a cleaning and adding more water.

I'll be starting this adventure in the next few days or next week. Actually, I just put in the gravel and the stones all I have to do is buy the plants I want then the fun begins.

Tank stats:
5.5gal (8"W x 16"L x 10"T)
18 watt compact florescent
flourite mix substrate
whisper 10 power filter
DIY CO2 on stand by

pH = 7.0-7.2
Ammonia = 0 ppm
Nitrite = 0 ppm
Nitrate = 5 ppm

well, while finishing this post I noticed more molly fry in the 20 long. After a nice fry roundup there are 30+ black marble mollies, I lost count after 20.

*Edit* I'm not sure why the picture is so's only 400x300...

*edit* k, now it's small...
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the fry are cute
get some small stones
get some elocharis for background (yes background)
and plant a carpet of glosso, and that will look so cute!
actually to combat the algae off the bat I am gonna get a few bunches of water sprite and a "scoop" of java moss to attach to the fired clay "stones" left over from an art project and to two large river rocks I collected, they are aquarium safe. after these grow in and out compete the algae I will eventually figure out what I'd like to put in the tank but right now I'm set on those two plants. I have a photoshop sketch of what I'd like to do but the program keeps crashing when I work on it so I'll just have to show. dwarf hairgrass might come later but with the lighting I have I doubt it will do well and also with the price it is around here I don't think it's worth the risk. when all it said and done I'd like to have a tank with shrimp and white cloud mountain minnows, if I find them suitable for this size tank, or else it's gonna be shrimp and the platy or molly fry that pass through. I'd like to breed/raise galaxy rasboras but I don't think I have the tank for it, plus they are a little rich for my blood.
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I offer you 10 shrimp + some ricca to use on a rock if you want it. PM me
I would like to see you use it on a fired clay stone.
I would love to accept those but one, shipping to here is horrible (i don't get stuff till several days after they are actually delivered, so the shrimp would be dead by the time I get them); two, my tank is not suitable for riccia. I only have 18 watts of lighting, which isn't enough for that light loving plant even in a small tank. eventually I'd love to use these stones for riccia but that will have to wait for another tank.

In other news I got some plants, the water sprite, a unknown moss that was tangled up in it, along with another unknown baby plant that I'm not sure it will survive the shock of a new tank, also some duck weed :mad: . Due to my summer job I have a vendetta against duckweed. the water sprite was a little damaged when being put in the bag at the store so I have some floating pieces that I hope will make their own roots so I can plant them. The moss is just loosely wrapped around the rocks I have so I'll have to go get some string to fix that. Pictures to come, I still have to commandeer my girlfriend's camera.

oh yeah, freaking A my roommate has a lot of baby fish now. no scrap of food is missed by these tiny vacuum cleaners.
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