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so... i decided i really wanted to try a paludarium and had a fantastic setup in mind. too bad what i visioned rarely comes into play...

i bought these card organizers? from staples as i was trying to be more creative (this was probably a mistake) ... and get a decent amount of land coverage for my future crabs i'd love to get. i visioned... setting up 2 different areas of dry land, with driftwoods connecting the two. i visioned... covering the plastic shells with enough sand to make it look 'natural'.

tell me what ya'll think...

top view:

top view from the right side:

left top view:

middle view, connecting driftwoods:

front view: you can see the 2 card organizes on top of each other on the left

i basically filled the card organizers with sand to make that the dry playgrounds for the crabs but i think i overestimated the land mass. i think i would want it a bigger portion of the dry surface.

i know i can create what i want if i get a ton of more sand but frankly.. im not feeling the black sand and i want it to look natural... im afraid the bulky plastics will make it look less natural.
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