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Well I finally got enough products delivered to go ahead and start it up.

5.5 gallon tank
3L ADA aqua soil amazonia II
ADA Nile Sand
ZooMed 501 filter
2x9w CF 6700k coralife unit

I am thinking of ordering this light from catalina as my current light setup doesn't seem to hit the whole tank to well. I just hope it's not overkill.

The plants in the tank now are just for cycling. If the A. reineckii does ok it may stay as a bit of red in the tank would be welcoming. With the scape I was kind of shooting for the deep narrow trench type theme. Like your going into the unknown or something. I dont know if i pulled it off quite how I imagined it, but those two rocks seem to fit together like a puzzle. As if they were split in an earthquake or something. It's all i could muster with 5.5 gallons, it's very small space as I quickly learned.

As you can tell, my current light is just to small to hit the edges of the tank. I really like small cliff halfway up the petrified wood on the right side. A clump of mini pellia would look nice there.

The flash makes everything look real red. Just look at the aqua soil it's supposed to be black lol. So the tank looks more like the pic above. My camera really sucks....tad outdated lol.

At the moment my plans are a fissidens carpet, and mini pellia on the cliffs of the petrified wood. I have not decided on what else to plant behind the rocks for a back ground plant. Any suggestions are welcome. As far as fish I was thinking zebra oto's and cherry shrimp. A nice algae cleaning crew to help keep things clean. I havent really thought of a good open swimming fish for a 5.5 gallon with two big rocks in it.

I don't know, it was my first attempt at an actual theme based scape. Let me know of any ideas or inputs.
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