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Had a massive soft plant die-off. The Pogostemon helferi randomly melted, possibly because I changed the temperature from 78 to 74 to boost oxygen levels. Also possibly because I started doing water changes with distilled water.

The distilled water caused the male's tail to weaken and it started to get tattered, but I began doing water changes with tap water again as well as adding fertilizers to the tank and his tail is growing even larger with age.

One of the females gave birth, likely to 20 or more babies, but the other female was eating them. I was able to save 10, so they are in a breeder net that ruins the aesthetics of the tank. However, I have a 34 gallon in dry start right now and when it is filled and cycled I will likely move all 10 young guppies over to that tank. As soon as I can sex them, I'll move the females back to the tank with the parents (this tank) and start selectively breeding for the first time ever!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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