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I have the following availible for sale:

2 - 48" 2 x 55w. Oceanic PC 10K bulbs still light well but probably would be best to be replaced if going over a plant tank ($60 together). --Sale pending, let me know if you would like me to contact you if it falls through--

1 - 48" 4 x 65w. Coralife PC 10K bulbs still light but are probably getting within a few months of needing to be replaced, this fixture has a fan that runs well and is pretty quiet ($100)

All fixtures look great and are very clean. The reflectors on the Oceanics might need to be wiped down. Getting rid of them because I am moving into an apartment this summer and am getting out of plants.
I am in Burnsville and not too willing to drive very far.

Please reply to [email protected] first come first served.

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