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Shipping plants in moist paper is pretty much standard. While the crypts don't look great, they tend to lose their leaves anyway and resprout. Why do you call them "dead plants" and "mush"?

Have you contacted the vendor and given him/her a chance to respond, instead of dragging it out to the public?
Those dont look all that bad. The plants are alive and should be just fine after you add them to your tank.

I agree, your relationship will be better off keeping it between you and the vendor.
I trashed half the order, the pictures show whats left. I have contacted the vendor with no response yet. Pluss Im just getting opinions of how this matter should be resolved. Its not dragging anything to the public, it would
be different if I named the person whom I received the product from. Pluss
I think when shipping wet plants they should be sealed in a bag, not open
to leak through the envelope. Its common sense in my opinion. I dont see a problem for seeking advice.
I agree, they should be in a sealed bag. But sadly it's a risk you take when buying from people here and on any forum at that. Even ebay.
If a vendor had shipped the plants, I would say that it was poorly packaged. Plants should definitely be moist enough to survive through shipment and should also be placed in a secured bag. I would go ahead and contact the vendor to settle this dispute. None the less, I wouldn't recommend ordering from the place again unless they improve their packaging services.

But its true that Crypts. tend to loose their leaves after shipment. They should come back within a couple of weeks after being acclimated to the substrate.

Good luck, and hope to see those plants thrive!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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