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46G Cheap Tank Lights?

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Hey again guys and girls.

I am still confused as hell for picking lights to grow my plants, I want this set-up for my babies arrival (he's already 4 days late)
I'm looking for lighting to grow the plants and have a sort of nightlight to keep baby soothed :p

I cant edit the previous thread so sorry for remaking.

I was pointed to this:
Ebay ID: 280922993824

But that being 1ft bigger than my tank i was confused. My tank is having a lid made, so having 1 ft of that hanging off and very close to the top of the tank made me look around even more.

I found this, it's local so the P+P is free
Ebay ID: 180825716743

Could i just take the ballast and fittings from that and integrate them into my tank like buy 2. And just use 3 ft bulbs?

I usaully get my head around thing's easy and this has me stumped and im really not sure why :S

Just want the cheapest possible option for lighting the 46 gallon (36X12X15)

I really want to order something as ive just picked up this tank (ive got everything except the lights and plants.

Ive read topics about CFL, LED, Fluorescent. Just can't find the stuff needed that fits my tank (with most fittings being 5ft)

I dont want my journey to end before it's started but im really struggling here :( Any help is appreciated.
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What kind of lights you need are dependent on what kind of tank you want. A high light aquarium requires CO2 injection and regular fertilization. A low light aquarium does not require co2, and very little fertilization, but there are fewer plants that will live in a low light aquarium.
With a baby coming and many, many choices, I recommend starting cheap. Good thinking on your part. I also recommend going with a standard (cheap?) light at first. Try the low level and get the feet on the ground and then venture into the high level, expensive stuff. I find light is highly overrated as a big need for plants. As above, it is not needed for the simple plants and can in fact be a real problem as it makes algae grow too much if you are not prepared to deal with it. Low light, no CO2, low ferts, is much more the simple way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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