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Rotala H Ra
Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala Yao Yai
Bacopa Caroliana
Ludwigia Brevipes

Number of stems varies.
Randomly cut and will not be labeled.
For representation only. Not the actual portion for sale.

$20. Add Priority Shipping $9.
I ship everyday except Thursdays and Fridays.
Will ship to default Paypal address only.
Plant Flower Ingredient Petal Leaf vegetable

Custom Made CO2 regulator

Swagelok Neddle Valve. Made in USA
Burkert 6011 with buna seal. Made in Germany
Air gas Regulator. Made in USA.

$349 (includes Paypal Fees).
Free Shipping

Watch Product Analog watch Clock Font

6x golf ball peacock moss. True Variety
$20. Shipping $9.

Plant Green Terrestrial plant Water Grass
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