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I think the layout in general is good, but it can look great with a bit of tweaking.

I think it may look better if you swap the top left and right rocks, then take the top right rock and the bottom left rock and make a V with the two on the left side... Either take the center rock out entirely, or use it as a support stone on the left side.

The rational for the suggestions is that the top right rock seems too flat and messes with the flow on that side. The left side rock is a bit too small for the left side but would keep the flow nicely on the right side and continue building the mountain like triangle. You may have to reposition the new rock a bit differently than how you had it on the left side originally to make it work but it probably will look better regardless. The bottom left rock is a bit contradictory of the rock layout in general so by bringing it up and flipping it the opposite way and bringing the other side's top rock over you can create a nice V between the two which may look strange but I think it will work. The center rock is too centered, it looks out of place and doesn't hurt the flow of the rock position but with it being too centered the eye will center on it, if you bring it to the left and use it with the soon to be very strong arrangement you can help soften it sort of.

Dunno if that is what you were looking for as far as critique goes. I casually look at it and it looks fine, but when I look at it critically there is much that can be improved if you want.

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