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Hi! I wouldn't say that I am new to the hobby, but I would say I still have a crud ton to learn. I currently have a 5g betta tank, and a 10g community tank. I am mostly focused on plants, setting up DIY co2 systems, and just learning how to do things the right way.

Recently I bought a 45 gallon corner tank! It's amazing and I am in love, but I have a few questions when it comes to stocking it.

Currently, I have 3 guppies, 3 cory cats, and 2 oto cats. These will all be going into the tank once it is cycled. I'll be making sure everything is well planted before any fish are in, as well. So I'm a while off from actually putting any fish in.

Eventually, I would like angel fish, but I keep hearing all different takes on things?

I don't know if I should get only one angel, if I should get two, or three? Any advice on this would be really helpful. I don't want unhappy fish, and I don't want aggressive fish, so I am thinking maybe just one angel? But on the other hand I really love watching angels swim together.

Now for smaller fish I was thinking some tetra. Just not sure what kind yet?
I want to do Rummy nose, but I hear that they are sensitive to water and hard to keep?

I also can't decide if I want all the fish to follow the same color pallet or if I just want to throw fish I enjoy in there? How did YOU get started stocking your first big project?

This is the tank, and beside it is my ten gallon before I actually did a water change. Promise it's not always low like that. D:
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