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42 watts for a 10 Gallon :O

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Hello TPT members I'm planning on setting up a standard 10g tank (possibly no top trim or totally trimless) and well I was wondering if a 42 watt CFL bulb would be good for it.
I plan on only using one bulb. Also I'm not quite sure whether or not I should use the clamp work lights as the reflector or use a regular desk lamp. I don't know, but I do know that I will be planting this tank and it will be injected with diy CO2. I also might let it cycle until November for when I can get some more funding (YAY! For birthdays!). But as of right now I have $16.45 on a gift card (can't be connected to paypal though :icon_cry:) that I can spend online. But just as a teaser this is where I'll be putting it.

Please ignore the clutter I'll be cleaning it up soon.
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Can I give you my spin on trying to find the right light? I find there are many variables to each tank. That makes it a pretty open guess what will be best. We each do it different so what fits for one may be way off for another. Simple things like how high above the water and how long the light is on will make a major difference. Lots more as well but you get the idea that it varies and even the best thought out answer may not be right for you.

What to do? I like to leave as many options open as I can when I buy. I hate buying stuff that is too much for it to work well on my tank. I go cheap with as many options for change as I can foresee.

Have you considered starting with much cheaper bulbs off the shelf at home centers and places where they can be returned rather than ordering specialty items? Two cheap light fixtures from the flea market with two standard bulbs of your choice can give you a real good idea of what works for your tank. I like the idea of two 11W 6500 Kelvin rated bulbs for a ten gallon.
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