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40gal--remake--(56 Warning)

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Hi, i did not take pictures when i remade the tank but i have before and after pics tell me what you think.

----AFTER----- Im trying to make a big hc carpet

I am going to get lilly pipes in about a week.
Tell me if i should move stuff around. If anyone out there has wood that will make my tank nicer. What should i grow on the wood.?
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the java fern needs to be attached to the wood, it doesn't like it's rhizome covered.
I believe that is HM not HC, sorry. You can still make a low carpet with trimming and high light though. Yeah what dufus said about the Java Fern is correct. For the wood, maybe try attaching some moss? I think it would look good if trimmed to be short. :)
I think it would look better if you evened out the gravel a bit. Maybe take some out. Try placing the wood closer to the centre, at the ratio of 1:1.6. Also some backing would look good too.

Try that.
No evening on the gravel, it helps give depth, and don't move the wood too far to the middle.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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