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Hey all!
I’m using my time in isolation to set up a new planted tank, and I’m looking to get some input from the experts (that’s you!)

Tank is 36” long, 14” deep and 18” high. Currently growing in plants with a high tech, medium lighting setup, running a canister filter off a 600L aquarium I got from a mate. Just ordered a Fluval 3.0 LED for it, but that’s something for a different thread. I’m looking to do a community tank, with the following.

1x Betta (the feature fish)
6x Khuli Loach
6x Corydoras (probably hasbrosus)
6x Otocinclus
shoal of Mosquito Rasboras
shoal of Silvertip Tetras
a bunch of inverts like shrimp and snails

I’ve set the tank hardscape up in such a way that it ought to cater to the needs of the fish. The trees (once planted and grown in) should cut the vertical space in half, making the tank less deep for the betta, it should also provide plenty in the way of betta hammocks. The peaceful bottomdwellers should have access to plenty of caves, under root systems, thick midground plants etc to feel safe and explore in. It should also help to keep them “out of sight, out of mind” for the betta too.

As for mid level fish, I wanted something small that would shoal and zoom about through the plants and add a splash of colour. My first thought was the rasboras, Boraras brigittae, as they’re small, I can fit like 20 in there, and they’d add a great splash of colour, as well as having an endearing appearance. Recently though, I’ve stumbled upon the Silvertip Tetra, a little (well, not as little as the rasbora) fish with a big personality. I’ve heard they’re outgoing, inquisitive and have fun quirks like converging on a finger touching the glass, or suddenly getting the zoomies. I’ve also heard they can get a bit nippy when kept in smaller numbers, so I know that less than a dozen of them would be a bad mix for a long finned fish (aka betta) or more docile fish (the bottomdwellers)

I plan to add them gradually so the biofilter doesn’t get overwhelmed; shrimps and snails first, then one bottomdwelling species at a time, then depending on choice, either rasboras then betta, or betta then silvertips, so as to allow the more vulnerable tankmates to get accustomed to their surroundings, learn the safe places, etc before adding the more “boisterous” tankmates in

So my questions, I guess:

1:Is there enough real estate for the bottomdwellers to coexist? (I’m imagining the khulis will be huddled up under a cave during the day, the otos munching on plants when they’re not being fed cucumber slices, and the corys scavenging about in the substrate patches)
2:Will any of these have issues with each other, or terrorise the inverts?
3:What should I get in the way of shoaling/schooling fish? Rasboras (can probably have more due to smaller bioload, peaceful, bright pops of red) or Tetras (slightly larger, big personality, nice pops of gold with eponymous silver tips)

Thanks in advance for any help guys!
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