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Here are the spec:

150L (80x45x45).
Light 6x 24W T5. Use only 4 (96W).
CO2 pressurise 4kg with Aqua Medic 1000 reactor.
Eheim ProII 2028
Additional external pump Hydor Seltz 30 (1000l/h) for extra water flow.
Prodac substrate.
Ferts: TPN, KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4.
Water change 50%/Week: 70% RO 30% Tap water.

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Thanks for your comments.
@Ikuso: It's Peacock Moss.
i love the moss, they're in the right place and grow in a nice form. great job with the hairgrass.
Wow! Nice Job! I really like the feel of the tank.
right on! looks great!
I love your tank Alexandre, so effective with a limited number of plant species. HM continues to be a great aquascaping plant that is to often underated but you have used it to its ability.

Again a beautiful tank thank you for sharing.
Very nice, very nice!!
very nice and pleasant
that peacock looks awesome....
that peacock looks awesome....
where, where i didnt see no bird in that tank:icon_roll

Sorry boring day at work had to say it.:redface:
excellent layout! awesome plant choices!

i love the u-shape composition here... and the moss is in the middle!!!

keep it up!
Thanks everyone.

Yes the peacock is a nice moss. Thanks for that, because I had hell from the seller on Aqua Bid and from the custom officers here in Cyprus once it eventually arrive almost dead.
it´s very nice, are you using lamp uv-c ?
it´s very nice, are you using lamp uv-c ?
No, I don't. I have an UV and wonder some time if I should use it.
UV will remove a lot of bacteria and nutriments that the plants need.
That said, quiet a few beautiful tanks run with UV without showing deficiency.
I have A UV running and my plants r good...great tank btw , wow:eek5:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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