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I'm in the final stages of planning my 40g breeder planted tank.

XP2 Filter
200w Stealth Heater
Estes gravel
110w of T-8's

Java Moss
Taiwan Moss
Weeping Moss
Willow Moss
Java Ferns
Couple stems here and there.

What I'd like to do is use this tank as its name suggests, breeding.

Fish I'd like to have:
Male/Female Clown Plecos (already have those)
Trio of BN Plecos (one male, two females)
Trio of GBR's (one male, two females)
Farlowella vittata, or Twig Catfish as most people know them. (probably a trio)

Anything wrong with that? The tank will have weekly water changes and be gravel vacuumed on a regular basis for the pleco poo.

Once the fish have spawned and the eggs hatch I'll move them to a fry raising tank that I already have cycling. So the 40g will never be really overstocked.

Also will have lots of caves for the pleco to hide in so there is no to very limited fighting between them. There will also be a protected area for the GBR's to spawn. Lots of stem plants and such so the plecos stay away.

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The fry raising tank will have a bare bottom. Easier to clean and cuts costs.

Figured once the fry hatched I'll move them. Or better yet, move the eggs to prevent the dreaded fungus.
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