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40g budget build

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Hi everyone
Due to plant stunting which i believe was due to micro toxicity ive decided to restart the tank
I named it a budget build since everything used in this setup is quite affordable and im keen to see what results can be achieved without aquasoil which i was previously using

Tank: ~40g 36x14x18 with DIY stand
Lighting: 2x 30watt cool white LED floodlights
Filtration: Sunsun HW-302 and Sunsun JVP-110 wavemaker
Substrate/hardscape: River gravel and sand with 'Blue pitch' stone, all from a landscaping place for dirt cheap
Co2: Co2art dual stage combined with Rex grigg reactor
Fertilization: Premixed dry ferts, EI dosing

7x Peppered corydoras and 1 trilineatus
1x Albino bristlenose pleco

Hygrophila angustifolia
Cyperus helferi
Rotala sp. green
Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala nanjenshan
Bacopa sp. Japan
Staurogyne repens
Ludwigia brevipes
Lobelia Cardinalis mini
Crypt wendtii brown
Banana plant

The tank is now a week old, the majority of the plants i used were taken from my emmersed grow out tub
Right now the plants are transitioning into their submersed form, especially keen to see how the h. angustifolia will come out since i havn't grown it with much success before
My only regret is using the river gravel which is simply too big in size and isn't ideal for planting in


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same @Hephaestus, im either leaning for a F 2.0 or Some floodlights,
I must ask are you using high tech plants? (or plants considered high tech) Because your growth over the time of your posts, looks fantastic! Still love your scape to me its incredible. The warm lights really make it look authentic
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