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I have run out of time for larger aquariums these days and am trying to pawn off my 40g, the wooden stand (solid pine, open backed), and Eheim 2217. I was hoping to find somebody here rather than using Craigslist, etc.

Dimensions are standard 40g breeder: 36" wide, 18" front-to-back, 17" tall

If you are within driving distance and are interested please let me know. I'll take offers for any of the stuff. To be honest, I just want the tank and whatnot out of the house!

PM me with any questions, etc. Thanks!

Picture is a little old, but the tank has not changed. Back exterior pane is painted matte black with Krylon. Everything is in good shape, there may be a little bit of scratching on the bottom and lower front glass panes from sandy substrates, nothing too terrible. Tank is clean, probably just a little dust in there from sitting around.

Edit: Also have 200w stealth heater and 2 Koralia Nanos (425 and 240). Mod says I am required to put a price, so let's say $100 for the lot.

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