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Finally got my 40b up and running and retired my 29. Long time coming. Spent most of the last week getting it all set up. Ton of work, but I'm loving this tank. Looking forward to see it grow in!

FTS 4/5/14
Plant Plant community Vertebrate Organism Pet supply

Tank: Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder
Stand: Custom built
Light: 6300k Dutch BuildMyLED, 90 degree angle with manual dimmer.
Substrate: Safe-T-Sorb
Filter: Eheim 2217
Heater: Via Aqua Titanium 200w
Pressurized Setup: 5lb co2 tank, Milwaukee regulator and DIY Rex Grigg’s style reactor

Malaysian driftwood and found rock from the backyard

Alternanthera Reineckii 'Rosaefolia'
Alternanthera Reineckii 'ocipus'
Hygrophila 'Tiger'
Ludwigia Repens x L. arcuata
Rotala 'Green'
Rotala sp. 'Yao Yai'
Glossostigma Elatinoides
Blyxa Japonica
Heteranthera Zosterifolia
Limnophila Aromatica
Ludwigia Ovalis
Bacopa sp. 'Japan
Hygrophila 'Brown'/Hygrophila 'Thai'
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Limnophila Rugosa
Ludwigia "Red" Hybrid
Staurogyne Repens
Hydrocotyle sp. Japan

5 otos
11 rummynose tetras
2 guppies
1 serpae
2 white skirt tetras
2 von rio tetras
Blue Ramshorn snails

To come:
Might get some MTS as well since I built up the substrate pretty deep in areas.
I want to get a pair of Bolivian Rams and a Honey Gourami as well.

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What are you running your manual dimmer at? I am about to start a 60P project and the final piece I need is a dimmer for my BML. I have been thinking of going the manual route but I have been looking at the reefkeeper and neptune. It sounds like BML has their own version on the way but they have stopped talking about it on the forums so they must have run into a snag.

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I've considered it. I'm open to suggestions. :) I like the look of the wood and the contrast with the plants. I don't want to cover it up too much. Although I do have some bba growing at the top of the stump now. :-/. So maybe planting something on it would help. Not sure if there's any way to avoid that tho since there's probably like 200 par at the top of that stump.

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Pics taken Tuesday. Growth is good. Moved some stems in the back around based on growth. Bba is getting worse on the top half of the stump. Bba hasn't moved to plants yet tho. Think I have to figure out way to raise light up a few inches. I think it'll also help get more light to the left front of the tank. I turned the dimmer down to about 50%. Plants pearling like crazy at the end of the photoperiod. Anyone have suggestions for what I should attach/growon the wood?

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Been quite some time since I've posted anything. Got busy and there was some tank neglect involved. Nothing post worthy that's for sure. Slowly bringing this thing back up to snuff. Glosso isn't bouncing back at that well. The wood is still covered in bba. If I can't reverse the curse I'll probably pull it and escape. I got some juvenile apistogramma cacatuoides RAOKed from brooksie321. They are pretty awesome little dudes. Looking forward to watching them grow.


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Glosso.. disregard pm, my dw went that route too, under higher light it darkened and tightened up to the point of almost a moss like growth, i don't mind it and the corys are all over it.. tank looks great, those Lil monsters will be very happy in there. Hope they arnt all chick's haha
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